Production Services in Hungary

Hungarian film production companies service projects on a wide range from Hollywood blockbusters to European TV series, artistic short films and music videos to witty or heartwarming TV commercials.
With its 30% tax rebate and century-old industry, it is no wonder Budapest has become a major favorite of filmmakers from all around the world.

Hungary is a member state of the European Union. Thanks to its continental climate it has four well-defined seasons and up to 16(!) hours of daylight during the summer. Being located in the center of Europe, Hungary provides a very diverse array of locations ranging from classical to modern architecture in the larger cities, quaint countryside villages, breathtaking rivers, lakes, forests and nature in general. Hungary is bursting with locations that could be anywhere in the world and they are all within a maximum of 2.5 hours drive from the capital - Budapest. Even the capital itself is brimming with amazing locations from unique thermal baths to gorgeous cafes and restaurants, streets and buildings from the classical gothic and renaissance style to Soviet era blocks and recently built, glass and metal office quarters.

All details of our sound stages up until the size of 6 000 sqm (64 310 sqft) Watertanks up until the size of 1 790 sqm (21 000 sqft) and backlots from medieval era to NY city street can be found on our studios page.

Hungary has a very rich past in filmmaking as it was among the front runners of the film industry when it all began. In the recent years it's been the home to many international mega-productions like Poor Things, Blade Runner 2049, Dune, Jack Ryan, Red Sparrow, Spy, Atomic Blonde, The Martian, Borgias, just to name a few. Hungarian films won two Oscars, Palme d'Ors, Golden and Silver Bears and numerous other prestigious awards in the past 10 years. The country is a member of Eurimage and the Media Program. Thanks to this strong, defying past and booming present, all departments are full of experienced, English speaking professionals. All local equipment & technology is up to date and top of the line. Warehouses are very well stocked with props (including vehicles and weapons) from all eras and continents. Set builds are fast, budget friendly and of the highest quality. Our costume designers and stylists have their own extensive warehouses besides the recently opened, local base of Peris Costumes and Theaterkunst. Camera, lighting and grip equipment provided by Visionteam, Arri Hungary, Sparks and Special Grip Hungary.

We are committed to green services, therefore we offset the carbon footprint of all production through investing in renewable energy generation, forest restorations and plantations among other ways of lowering the planet's carbon emission. This investment is our contribution to your project.