30% Tax rebate in Hungary

Who can apply?

Production companies registered in Hungary.

What type of productions can benefit?

Feature films, series, documentaries, short films and animations made for cinematic release, streamers, televisions or other distribution platforms, and also video games.

When will I get my money?

It is a post-financing cash refund. Possible to audit on a monthly/quarterly basis, or one time. The audit takes 60 days the transfer maximum 30 days.

Is it a stable system?

Yes, it is. The tax rebate system in Hungary has been running for decades now, with strict but reasonable paperwork. All productions fulfilling the criteria gets the rebate.

How much is the incentive?

All local Hungarian expense (with few exceptions) will qualify for a 30% rebate. An additional allowance of 25% of the local Hungarian spend can be spent on foreign costs by the Hungarian Production company. This will qualify for a 30% rebate as well. (Which makes a total of 37.5% of the Hungarian spending). No minimum spend, no cap per project, no annual fiscal budget cap.

For more detailed information on the Hungarian tax rebate, please contact us.
COVID NOTE : with our COVID policy so far (early October 2023) all crew members and talents infected with COVID19 were filtered out either before entering our locations/sets or contacting other crew members / talents.