As producers in the film production realm, we connect film-makers from around the world with local department leaders who already proved their excellence. We are one of the top film production companies in Hungary, striving to provide our clients with perfect conditions for their shoot in Budapest. Our diverse experience in the industry ensures the widest skillset, supplier network and efficient approach for all productions where talent and crew can perform at their very best in service of the vision. Having worked on local blockbusters, service productions for European and US producers and with international A list stars gives us continuous confidence to create this environment.

Having completed productions for Netflix and Apple TV, Lions Media is now their approved service producer.

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Petra Ivanyi

Partner / Producer

Petra is a feature film producer, focusing on young talent. She has wide expertise in service production, both in European and American projects. She covers film funding and regulations, international co-productions and creative development in our team. She is an EAVE alumni and member of the European Film Academy.

Milan Szabo

Partner / Producer

Milan started his career by producing commercials for top international brands. Before setting up his own company, he was managing the local service production company - Pioneer - for 5 years. His expertise on taxation and bank loans is a definite addition to our projects. He is also responsible for new business strategies and client relations in our team.

Peter Magyar

Partner / Head of Production

Peter has had a decade long experience as UPM, other than service productions, he worked with most of the internationally acclaimed Hungarian directors - including Kornel Mundruczo or the Academy Award winner Laszlo Nemes Jeles. He is the head of productions and the financial supervisor of the company.

We are committed to green services, therefore we offset the carbon footprint of all production through investing in renewable energy generation, forest restorations and plantations among other ways of lowering the planet's carbon emission. This investment is our contribution to your project.